Upon examining your document or sample text, I will give you a quote for the whole job. The quote will depend on:

  • length of manuscript or document
  • type of document
  • level of editing required
  • deadline for completed work


(unexpedited, no special formatting)

The basic price for copyediting is $0.01 per word. The word count is made on the original document, not on its final post-edit length.

The price will be computed as follows:

  • Developmental edit – 40% of basic rate
  • Copy/Line edit – 100% of basic rate
  • Proofreading – 60% of basic rate
  • All three for the same document – 150% of basic rate

If the author makes substantial changes to the original document and wants a second copyedit, there will be a new estimate made with a new deposit. Depending on the extent of the changes made, it may be significantly less than the full basic rate. Please inquire.

Special Requests

Speed of turnaround

Deadline for editing will be negotiated with the author at the commencement of the editing process, before the deposit is made. If the author requests that the job be expedited, there will be an additional charge, to be included in the original estimate.

Extra services

There will be an additional charge, also determined at the time of the original estimate, for some services (if needed or requested), for example:

  • formatting
  • checking references online for accuracy
  • entering references into the Microsoft Word 2010 reference database
  • changing all the citations to use the MS Word 2010 reference feature

I prefer working in Microsoft Word. I use Track Changes, and I will expect you to then go through all the changes and “accept” the ones you want. Please ask if you are not sure how to do that.

I accept checks or PayPal.