Three Levels of Editing


This is the “big picture” kind of editing. I will discuss plot and character development. Is it interesting? Does the story make sense? Have you introduced the action in an order that works? Will the reader understand your main points? Have you fulfilled all the promises you made to the reader?


I read the document carefully and note all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, as well as repetitions and obvious flow problems.


This is the final run through before the document is sent to the publisher. I will check one last time for technical errors. This is not to take the place of copyediting which is much more thorough.








About Rebecca

As a freelance editor, Rebecca Jaxon draws upon years of experience across a diverse array of different fields. Her own writing experience has been shaped by the necessity at hand, ranging from academic and technical, to persuasive as well as fiction, and she has been a voracious reader since an early age. Written communication has been a unifying thread as she pursues her unquenchable interest in almost every area of life.


Alan Brook
I was introduced to Rebecca toward the completion of my non-fiction book which is an unorthodox synthesis of a diversity of disciplines including technology, economics, law, and cultural evolution. Rebecca was unfazed by the complexity: she rapidly grasped the book’s core precepts and found numerous errors missed by my previous edits. To my delight, Rebecca went much further than copy editing by also providing valuable input relating to conceptual and logical improvements. Rebecca is wonderfully communicative and responsive, which allowed us to easily manage our locational separation — Rebecca in the Midwest and I in Silicon Valley, CA. Due to the diversity of the material that we covered together, I can confidently recommend Rebecca for a broad range of editing work.
Kristin Oakley
Rebecca Jaxon has given me valuable feedback on my commercial fiction manuscript. Through her insights into the world of homeschooling (my novel is set in an unschooling town) together with her skills as a writer and editor, she kindly but firmly pointed out errors and inconsistencies. My book is much improved because of Rebecca. Many thanks!
Becky Akers
Rebecca is typical in that for years she edited her friends’ writing for free. Also typical: before hanging her shingle, she amassed a library of style-manuals and read them for fun. Atypical are her eagle-eye and obsession with her work. The wise indie publisher will avail himself of her considerable talents.
Jennifer Stevenson
Rebecca Jaxon has copyedited four books for me so far. I was raised by three ruthless newspaper editors and they hammered all the right stuff into me, but Rebecca always finds my mistakes. She has a great eye.
Joan Vincent
Ms. Jaxon’s editing is based on a sound grasp of grammar and usage. She is professional with an eye for catching errors easily overlooked. With good suggestions for weak construction she will always improve your work. Her abilities can be applied across genres.
Cheryl Merkel
Rebecca's developmental edit was the most impressive aspect of this process. Her work inspired me to continue moving forward with my book. I had poured all my thoughts and discoveries from my journey with Stage 4 breast cancer into my initial draft, and she put not only each section but the entire book in order. A manuscript that was over two hundred pages evolved into a final product of a little over one hundred. Since many cancer survivors have a hard time concentrating for long periods of time, I wanted to convey this information as quickly and concisely as possible. Rebecca not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Her attention to detail was superb, and she helped my dream become a reality. I could not have completed this without her, and many others will be blessed by her gifts.